Saving time for Psychiatrists and Patients.

Medstori is a Psychiatric Evaluation tool
that can auto-generate complete patient reports.

Benefiting Physicians, Patients and the Office Staff, Medstori saves time for everyone
A psychiatric evaluation can be completed in the comfort of a patient's home and is uploaded to the physician's database,
supplying pertinent information to the office staff prior to the patient's visit.
Medstori also allows evaluations to be completed on a computer,
tablet or even a mobile device preventing any hand-written errors.

Download Sample Report
Simplify and create a comprehensive Initial Psychiatric/ psychological evaluation
Saves Time
Patients/clients answer most commonly asked history questions in waiting room or from home prior to coming to the office. This translates in to tremendous time saving for physicians.
Physicians always have ability to edit patient responses and complete mental status examination in detail
Numerous Categories
Also document Diagnosis, Labs, Treatment plans (meds, psychotherapy, IOP or hospital admission or drug rehab)

Who is likely to benefit from Medstori?